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Multifunction Magic Broom 2.0

Multifunction Magic Broom 2.0

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Make House Cleaning Task Easy and Enjoyable

Multifunction Magic Broom not only sweeps the floor but also doubles as a mop and carpet cleaner. Pulling pet hair off carpets and moping water in a "squeegee like" method, no need to use a vacuum, broom, and mop as this does it all in one!

All-in-one cleaning gadget: You won't need multiple housework or cleaning tools for different spills with this rubber mop brush. This Multifunction Magic Broom can be used in any room of your home. You name anything, and this broom wiper will sweep it clean as if it were new: windows, floors, bathrooms, and even tables.

No stress on the body: The floor sweeper broom's long handle makes it easy to reach difficult areas of the house. You don't have to stoop in an inconvenient position and risk straining your back. It extends to 90 cm approx.

Easy to clean: This Multifunction Magic Broom is quite easy to clean, thanks to the rubber squeegee. Hair does not get stuck in the rubber base of this broom like it does with nylon brushes. As a result, the gadget can be cleaned quickly and effectively.

Portable: The broom is lightweight, making it simple to hang wherever you desire. When not in use, keep it in one piece or divide it into sections to store in a drawer or cabinet.


Materials: Plastic + Stainless steel
Colors: Gray, Pink, Green
Size: 31 x 91 cm
Package Includes: 1 pc Multifunction Magic Broom 2.0

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