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Emergency Stain Rescue Remover

Emergency Stain Rescue Remover

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This is an all-around cleaner that can remove all kinds of stains in your clothing, shoes or floors, making them look just like new! No need to scrub, just apply a drop... Won't harm your fabricsAn environmentally safe formula that's biodegradable, non-toxic, and contains no chlorine or phosphates.

✔️ INSTANT RESULTS: An instant, odorless stain cleaner. Removes the stubborn grease, dirt, and grime from clothing, carpets, fabrics, and more. No rinsing, vacuuming, or waiting to see results. Spots vanish before your eyes. Amazing surfactant action.

✔️ SAFE, POWERFUL & FAST: Its lightning-fast action erases stains from clothing, bibs, carpets, auto & furniture upholstery & more. 100% biodegradable pH neutral formula is tough on stains, but not on skin or clothes.

✔️ PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF STAINS: Universal spot stain remover that is remarkably effective on all types of fresh and set-in stains on all fabrics. Works on both organic or inorganic stains.

✔️ SAFE AND EFFICIENT: Formulated with natural solvents, it starts working immediately to stop stains from becoming permanent. These solvents break down tough stains like grease, food, perspiration stains, soiled collars, dingy cuffs, and much more, salvaging your clothing over and over again.

✔️ EXTENSIVE SCOPE OF APPLICATION: It is suitable for rust stains, water stains, unidentified macula stains, soil marks, other metal solution stains, residual pigment on fabrics, etc. Make your clothing brand new.

1. Directly apply the product to the rust stain (or the stain that needs to be treated).
2. Application can be repeated 2-3 times

Package Includes
1 x Emergency Stain Rescue Remover (100ml)

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