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3x Solar-Powered Water Fountain

3x Solar-Powered Water Fountain

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A beautiful and effective water feature for your garden!

Turn your swimming pool, birdbath, or water space into an instant fountain with this Solar Powered Water Fountain. It effortlessly fits into any setting, powers through solar panels, and sprays water in four different patterns!

Enjoy the soothing, tranquil sounds of running water and take delight in the pleasure it gives. This makes it the perfect decorative accessory for any backyard, garden, or home this summer!

Running solely by solar power, this fountain kit makes an affordable and efficient pump that requires no electricity or batteries! The simple design means no messy wires will be present and features suction cups at the bottom of the kit to stay in the desired place or float freely on the water. 

The solar fountain is made of highly efficient solar panels and a new brushless pump. It does not require any power batteries, no additional investment, and no pollution.

Contains 4 different nozzles, which will produce different spray shapes and spray patterns.

It floats on the water and no need electricity. Will run automatically when the sunlight hits the solar panel.

It is perfect for the birdbath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, patio, lawn, water circulation for oxygen, and etc

Product specifications
Solar panel power: 8V 1.4w
Brushless pump power: 7V 160mA
Maximum spray height: 45CM
Maximum flow: 180L/H
Life span: > 20,000 hours

Package includes:
3 * Solar-Powered Water Fountain
3 * Accessories Bag


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