Suffering from back & knee pain?

Not anymore!

by Patricia Wallace

7 January 2021

One of the most common problems we face as we age are sore back and intensive knee pains.

As an active person who likes to spend time in the garden and doing house chores, painful joints mean I can't do what I love anymore.

If you are anywhere near my age (54), you know what I am talking about...

Thankfully, there is a solution!

An American company has developed a special 2-in-1 seat which eliminates excessive pressure on your knees & back!

It's called GardenPro™ Kneeler & Seat.

How Does It Work?

This kneeler is a lightweight tool that uses soft padding to protect your knees.

The side handles help you get up or down easily and the seat can hold up to 250 lbs in weight!

It also comes pre-assembled so it's ready to use straight out of the box.

With GardenPro™, you can keep doing what you love with minimal pain or no pain at all!

It is truly one of the most useful products I have ever bought!

That's not all...

You can even flip it upside down.

This way you can use it as a comfy bench.

offers flexibility to avid gardeners by assisting in pruning tall plants or weeding.

There are other benefits too. 

The company sends you a free pouch which can be attached to the frame and used to store different types of  tools.


(GardenPro from

The Kneeler in Action

Don't let the pain - or the threat of it - interrupt your life!

7 reasons we love GardenPro:

  • Very good value for money

  • Supportive EVO foam pad

  • Good sturdy steel frame

  • Heavy duty, Durable

  • Really lightweight (around 6 lbs)

  • Foldable design

  • Can support up to 250 lbs

How Much is it Going To Cost Me?

You're probably thinking that this kneeler must be very expensive... 


The GardenPro™ Seat is on sale at the moment for just under $60! 

One time payment - no subscription, no monthly costs.

...And Free Express Shipping!

Where can I get the Kneeler?

You can order it directly from the company's website by clicking here.

If you love gardening or doing any activity that requires you to get up & down frequently, I think this is a must-have.


**UPDATE: January, 2021 - Since launching earlier in 2020, GardenPro has sold over 46,000 units in America alone. Due to its popularity and long waiting list, they’ve decided to extend their unreal discount of 50% off.

Click the button to see if they are still available in stock.

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