UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane
UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane
UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane
UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane
UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane
UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane
UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane
UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane

UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane

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Walk safely by yourself with confidence and comfort

Are you tired of walking with those aches and pains that are just plain miserable to deal with? Are you tired of being assisted everywhere you go and you just want to walk by yourself but seems almost impossible? Luckily our team of researchers came up with the ultimate solution. Our UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane instantly relieves you of those nagging pains and offers you the support you need to walk around pain-free.

During the design of UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane, we talked to many people with mobility issues, and we quickly learned that if we really want to help them, creating a good product simply won't be enough.

That is why we took extra time and patience during the development of this amazing cane, making every detail - even the smallest ones - perfect.

And that is how UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane was created - a multifunctional walking cane to support you when need it the most! 

Self Standing

The problem with other walking canes is they are too flimsy to stand on their own. How can you trust something to hold you up if it can't even hold itself up? UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane solves that problem! 

This walking cane stands on its' own due to the extra-wide pivoting base which means that it's even more stable than any other cane out there. Never suffer flimsy canes and sacrifice your safety ever again!

Extra Handle

The trickiest part of using a cane to stand up from a sitting position is preventing the cane from tipping at a dangerous angle during weight transfer.

UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane has an unusual and handy feature: a complete second handle that folds down from the cane's shaft. The user can grip the top of the cane and this comfortable, foam-textured secondary handle for even more weight distribution.

That means no tipping or lurching forward!

Built-in Alarm

Whether you are on a late-night walk, or in case of emergency, a built-in alarm allows you to call anyone at any time for help.

A push-button audible alarm summons help in the event of an emergency.

Bright LED Flashlight

Trip and fall hazards are virtually everywhere, particularly at night, and even in the relative safety of the home.

Experts recommend consistent lighting for seniors and vision / mobility-impaired patients, so the UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane provides just that!

A powerful 4-LED flashlight in the handle of the cane keeps the path ahead illuminated, preventing bumps, bruises, and falls. The light can be aimed straight ahead or angled downwards towards the feet for sure footing during nighttime strolls.

Simply add 2 AAA batteries (sold separately) and you’ll enjoy illumination
 anytime, anywhere!

Fully Adjustable

UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane is made for users of all ages and needs and uses a 5-level adjustable system in the shaft of the cane to vary the support height.

Adjust it from 33” all the way up to 37.5” by pressing a button on the side and pulling the cane up or down until it clicks into place.

This versatile feature makes it an excellent mobility tool that accommodates users with posture support needs that vary from day to day.

360° Pivot Joint

Single-point canes are unreliable and easily tipped, even with the user’s full weight bearing down. The 360-degree tripod base offers support in all directions, enabling cane users to “push off” however they need to without compromising safety.

This style helps ensure support when walking over and around curbs, uneven sidewalks, and varied terrains like dirt and grass. The flexible tips move with you, not against you, allowing a more natural gait.

Compact & Foldable

Don't let life slow you down, lightweight and less than 1.02 pounds the UPLIFE™ Telescopic Folding Cane clever design also folds up small enough to fit in a car glove box or purse for on-the-go support in an instant!