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Hog Ring Pliers Kit (+600pcs nails)

Hog Ring Pliers Kit (+600pcs nails)

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Assemble Your Installations In Minutes

Perfect pliers tool for pet cage and fence fixing, ergonomic handle design for comfortable and anti-skid grip. It clamps wires together quickly & efficiently! The nails load quickly and tighten firmly with one click to help you assemble projects and maintain them when something loosens or starts to hang.

Made of high-quality material and is very durable to repair or install DIY cages. A great tool for gardening, poultry cages, birdcages, etc. Quickly assemble a bulk mesh to a bird or rabbit cage or even fence.

Assembling or repairing a cage with this tool can guarantee a sturdy installation because of Its strong grip.

Building a wire fence with Hog Ring Pliers makes your work efficient with the automatic nailing design, all you have to do is to clip through it.

Hog Ring Pliers is easy to use. Just load the M nails and clip the tool.

Repair or install Pet Cages, Gabion, Wire Mesh, Bird Cage, Plant Cages, DIY Decors, Traps, and so much more.

Product Details:
Materials: Galvanize Steel
Size Plier: 17.5cm x 13.2cm
Color: Blue

Package Includes:
1 x Hog Ring Pliers Kit & M Nails (600 PCS)

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