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Golf-PRO Swing Training Mat

Golf-PRO Swing Training Mat

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Learn everything about your swing with Golf-PRO Training Mat! Having a quick visual of your divot aids in developing muscle memory for the ideal swing.

  • Analyze your divot to increase the accuracy of your swing
  • Recognize your ball contact right away
  • Practice in the comfort of your own home or backyard!
  • Save $$ on golf lessons, range balls and ineffective training aids

Unlock the Secret to Mastering Golf from Your Home.

Use it indoors or outdoors and avoid making unpleasant divots in your grass. With accurate divot data, you can get more out of each range session and master your golf skills!

  • Versatility – Use it anywhere, no velcro is needed and a stake for outdoor usage is provided. It also comes with a clip for your golf bag.
  • Precision – Clearer divot than grass. Your Golf Swing Tracker Mat is more precise and clear than anywhere else. This means greater improvements in your swing.
  • Durability  Don’t just swing like you’re practicing, swing as you mean it. Take swing after swing, knowing your Golf Mat will stand the test of time.


  • Material: Plastic+SBR
  • Size: 49 x 24cm

Package Includes 

  • 1 x Golf Swing Tracker Mat


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